Mitsuha Chapter 69

69 War Economy 3



One month later.

The floating docks have been completed, and now the 3 captured ships are on their way to the docks, to be moored and secured.

And, technicians were frequently going in and out.

Among them, there is Kunz-san of a woodworking and processing shop, which I requested for the renovation of my shop in the capital.

If you think about it, there is no reason not to come.

Kunz-san, who is greedy for the knowledge of new technologies, is also excellent in handling technologies of foreign countries, even in my territory.

Of course, he will come…….




There is a temporary accommodation in the harbor, where you can also eat for a small fee. Cooking is done by our residents, but the ingredients are brought from the Earl of Bozes, so we pick it up cheaply. The Earl is planning to make a profit after this, so I will give you that as a service.

Some of those were former POW’s who also came from the Bozes territory, managed to explain themselves and got out of jail.

When I’m not around, they don’t understand a lot of words, but it seems that they are able to communicate to a certain extent, because they are trying to learn words very seriously and also by showing gestures after gestures.

Conversely, some of the technicians also remember some words but still calls it with a different word.

Yeah, technicians doesn’t have a broader mind…….




There were 6 Shipwrights, 2 on each ship, one died due to illness before reaching this country, and another one died because he was at the bottom of the ship when the ships disappeared, and then all of the remaining four Shipwrights hoped for exile and naturalization to our country.

Besides, except for those who mainly served as soldiers, there were many people who chose to work as ordinary people and got pretty good payment and chose to live a normal life, rather than being captive and living without prospects for returning home.

[If I’m still alive at that time, I will gather the facts and evidences, go to the other side of the world and slap to their faces, [who waged the war], but if not, then there’s a chance I’ll be taken for granted, undoubtedly.]

Perhaps there was a concern that [such a ship didn’t came], in that case, the possibility of returning home is zero.

In that case, it would be better to naturalize in this country and blend in with the people.

Even if you think that’s the case, there are some things that you can’t let go of.

I don’t even know what that feels like.

I made a simple dictionary and everyone is trying their hardest to learn the language of this country. Apparently, they seem to think that they are more likely to live happily in this country than their home country.

Although it might be difficult for those who left their families and lovers behind, it was well known that they were all dead, if they didn’t put on a warm feeling at that time, they wouldn’t realize that our country’s impressions were not so bad.

Everyone knows that they were suddenly pushed and bombarded unilaterally.

It would be a big help, if the person who actually operates the ship is on my side. Things like navigation and tactics, can be learned in various books, but the actual sail and hands-on operations, you will not be able learn and experience it just by reading books.

Some of the officers offered their cooperation as well.

Well, I know that our country does not have a decent ship nor a cannon except for the [protection of the goddess], so there is no reverse invasion, defense is also dependent on the [protection of the goddess] and I thought that if you suggest naval warfare, it will probably be dismissed by the country.




[Protection of the Goddess]

Yeah, that’s the setting this time.

The divine punishment of the goddess, which is received by those who try to harm this continent without the permission of the goddess.

The goddess removed the crew as punishment and picked up the ship, which is then given to our country.

If you try to take the ship and escape, the ship will be automatically returned to the docks when you leave the continent to a certain distant.

Of course, those who were riding the ship will be left on the spot.

Now then, how many do you think will take a ship and run away after listening to it?

There is no sailor who does not know the fear of being left behind out in the open sea where no land can be seen.

Besides, this is the first super-long-distance, non-stop voyage, which is only achievable with sufficient supply of water, food, and adequate number of crew members. Even if you take a ship which has yet to be completed along a few crew members, the possibility to return to your home country safely, is non-existent.

And if you escape to this country, the treatment is not so bad for those who have offered their cooperation and you will find that, it is much better than being in your home country.

Young people have sparkling eyes, with sufficient money, asking for a teaching from a master. For the low-ranked sailors, who were being treated like a fool by the officers, this is a big opportunity.

With this, will you escape together and listen to the officers who treats them like slaves?

Between us or their former officers, who will they follow?

I wonder ….Was there anyone who is willing to abandon the place where they can live freely and happily, just to go somewhere and become a slave?

Even if you fled to a neighboring country, the situation will probably even worse than here.

In other words, low-ranking sailors, forced recruits and criminals aiming for amnesty can be used.

That’s it….

Of course, there are recording devices in the room, and some of them are set up to spy on you.

The officers who are cooperating with us are marked especially strict.

Well, if you can remember the words of a pretty girl, I wonder if you really plan to naturalize from the bottom of your heart.

Because they’re pretty good…. They are!

As an instructor for the ship’s operation and maneuvering skills, I’ll give out quite a high salary and I will not stop them if they want to get off the ship, to help with our farming, fishing and forestry. Because he is a strong sailor, he will be a good son-in-law.

So I don’t know if it’s true or not, but everyone is diligent in memorizing words, and during their free time they talk to the women around them and practice their words……

Is that really the only purpose?

Oi, that guy over there! That child is only ten years old!




The construction work of the military port was steadily progressing in the Earl Bozes territory. Simultaneously, construction of a shipyard was also done.

In addition, in order to train sailors, training facilities has been created.

Many people are moving out, not only from neighboring territories but also from distant territories, even from the capital, either being permitted by the lord or escaping illegally, they are all aiming at the Bozes territory.

As a construction worker.

Plotting business to profit with people gathered.

And as sailors, or Navy soldiers.

The Bozes territory, receives full support from the country, with flowing people and funds.

The people and funds are steadily flowing further and further.

The foods.

Daily necessities.

Luxury goods.

The booze.

The beautiful women.

The Bozes territory rapidly swelled up, and the public order has deteriorated. After seeing it, the Earl seems to be spending his days with extreme stomach ache…….




On the other hand, the Viscountess Yamano territory is doing fine.

Thanks to the fishing boats and the nets, the catch has increased dramatically and the road to the territory was improved, making it easier to deliver raw fish to the neighboring territory, and various processed products were transported to the capital.

Water candy is more popular than I thought, and so it is also sent to the capital.

I’m going to keep making more of it per day, this water candy.

We have also finally harvested the explosive species of corn. We just have to dry it and then send it to the capital.

With this, it is no longer necessary to purchase it from Japan, the self-sufficiency system in this world has been established.

Ah, ….A Peace of mind.

It is bad for the heart that there are people who entrust their livelihood to a business that could not survive without me.

Production of the game board is set on my own pace, unreasonable production or production while carelessly leaving the other work, are prohibited.

Dried shiitake mushrooms are also completed and the results of the taste test are excellent. It will [officially] be shipped next, to the capital.

And finally we succeeded in prototyping the paper!

There is still a little difficulty with writing comfortably, but it should be improved gradually.

We will continue prototyping it for a while, but the goal is as good as we could see very clearly.

… However, the advantage to make it into a container for lightning corn, is still fairly bad. In addition, you need a glue to make it into a bag. I wonder if there is something good.

I wonder if starch paste, were…

Randy said, [No more crossbows! Please let us research the manufacture of guns], they crumbled while grasping the crossbow parts being manufactured, but now they didn’t mind studying the guns that we picked up.

However, there is a fear of strength in reproduction by all means. It’s a matter of the iron’s composition.

It’s difficult to make a rifle, especially a Minié rifle. This is because the pressure inside the barrel and the pressurization time are longer, and the strain of the barrel, abrasion, deterioration, etc., are severe.

Well, the time is still in years. The hurdles will be lower than the ships and naval guns. The technology to engrave the riffling may be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be as revolutionary as the Earth’s Minié rifle. At worst, making only a minié-bullet, reducing the amount of gunpowder and to reduce the strain of the barrel…….

If you make the same thing, the difference in technical power and the difference in national strength will come out, so if you can overcome the difference by adopting advanced method, the technical strength will gradually rise steadily.




With doing this and that, the people managed to increase their income, tax revenues have also increased accordingly.

Afterwards, if the full-scale production of papermaking started and the result of agricultural reform appeared as the expected harvest amount, is the planned reform already completed?

If you can expect sales increase to the Earl of Bozes then 1/3 of the profit of trade will fall as the sailing ship goes into operation……

Ah, is that the income as a feudal lord or my personal income, which one is it?

…If it’s the result of the defensive action as a Feudal lord, it will be the income of the territory……

And, well, the light and the darkness mixed up with the naval economy and the great confusion of the Bozes Territory, celebrating unprecedented while optimistic about the great victory of the first battle, the crown of festivities, the northernmost part which stinks in the odor of money and prosperity the small aristocratic territory, Mitsuha is relaxed and confident in the unlikely event, with her sense of crisis and a sense of civil warrior, the royal palace who wants to put Mitsuha for foreign diplomacy with the joint fight with other countries, it was a kingdom which entered a turbulent era.




Meanwhile, the message from Earl arrived……

[In the next social season, I cannot afford to go to the Kingdom’s Capital, Please go alone.]

Say what?………

(Yosh), the carriage ordered from the earth was also completed, I’ll practice by myself and let it move by myself! No, of course, while moving most of the way through, I’ll be using teleportation.

The role of the coach in the Kingdom’s Capital are… and……….




Mitsuha: 「Hey! You guys did thaaat!!」

While saying so, a series raging storm and thunderclaps, was sent to the ringleader and masterminds!

Wooden dolls are nice, but I will lose my hair, my hair!

It will be disgusting! !

Philip-kun shrunk and got frustrated, but he doesn’t seem to be a mastermind.

By the way, this child is worshiping me, so I will not do anything ungodly.

That means……….

(slow turn with eyes glowing) (1)

A girl around 10 years old who suddenly diverts her eyes when I looked at her.

……Err, that was the 9-year-old girl, who drew the design of a signboard on the stall.



It’s, yooooou! !


(please stand by, while we fix some technical issues)



After she was sentenced to umeboshi, she was prohibited from deceiving me, and I was allowed to collect 20% of the sales.

It’s a terrible child, indeed…….

Next time, I’ll give Pez-san a recommendation!

Such a child, I cannot leave her to the hands of the orphanage!

However, the wooden dolls, are selling like hotcakes…….

The price, this is it!

Are you insane, you bought them! ! !

In that case, figure and hug….. I don’t want to think about iit!

Ze ~eze~e…….  (Out of breath SFX)




Mitsuha: 「So, who…, who will be the one driving my carriage, when I go to the capital? No one?」

A big fight of grabbing the reins has begun…….




(1) Insert Gasai Yuno’s glowing eyes .gif  here


I forgot… This is the last chapter for Ship Acquiring arc… A new arc begins




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  1. Sigh… when this arc will be over, i wonder…
    Pretty much no mitsuha or dialogues, just technical stuff that not exactly interesting… Well, maybe it’s important info (which i don’t think so), but definitely not interesting to read.


  2. “The floating docks has been” > {dock has} or {docks have}

    “the 3 captured ships are on their way to the docks” {to be moored}(not wrong but improvable)

    “Of course, He will come” {. He}/ {, he}, unless Hunz-san is a higher being 😀

    “元捕虜だった者の一部も、ボーゼス領からやって来て、説明役を買って出てくれている” might mean {Some of those coming from the Bozes territory were former POW, who managed to explain themselves and were allowed to come}

    “a series of fistful storm” maybe change to {a rage storm is send}, or something similar, doesn’t seem Mitsu hit them physically;

    When you get famous, watch your hair! If they want to advance the tech ‘age’, the whole kingdom needs to improve the steel making techniques, and anything related (mining, transport, steam power etc). That does take time, mostly since the people need time to get used to the changes.
    Thanks for the chapter! Take care and God bless you.


  3. So, dont know if there was a change in translators or what but, many of those sentence just dont make sense. It was a boring chapter to begin with so I’m sure there won’t be many complaints but, yeah, the problem is still there. The translations in general where doing really well for awhile now so lot sure what happened here.


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